Friday, May 04, 2007

Spider-man (because the fanboy in me just has to)

There are webs on the sides of buildings and run on red spandex in stores and that only means one thing. Christo is at it again, but seriously, Spider-Man is back and the fan boy in me is (sorta) excited again (although the reviews aren't looking great and surprisingly I don't find myself itching to see it today... hmm.)

I was talking to some friends about (4 a.m. conversations about journalism, do we know how to party or what?) where the good journalism is and one of the places I mentioned was "60 Minuets" and today I had some time on my hands and made my way over to their web site.

And wouldn't you know it, there's Stan Lee staring back at me and I figure, why not.

And after you're done with those segments, here's a ton of videos from Tenacious D riga-riga-scatting their way though the animated theme song to an awesome Lego funded short to a WTF? Japanese TV intro.


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